This Wonderful Night-A Poem

On a black carpet millions of diamonds!
How interesting to see this beautiful sky!
After the rain, the sky is clear with glittering stars!
And the tender light of this beautiful moon is a pleasure!
The once invading clouds are slowly withdrawing!
Marching fast towards east side leaving the sky clearer!
Peace prevailing this night is a real gift of God!
And the birds returning to their nest, singing happy tunes!


A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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Start Here to Succeed-A Review

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Adisaya Ulagam-A 3D Movie Review

Neelaganda Gnanasekara Narasimha Narayana Murthy (Actor Livingston), the amateur scientist, experiments to teleport the object to the future, is the main theme of this movie. Though not recognized by his own kith and kin, his passion drives him to make series of inventions, through his sophisticate lab at home, supported by his talking dog Billy. When his mission of  teleporting  apple becomes a failure, he tries again with a pair of (his grand daughter's) shoes to teleport. When Varsha and Vikas, his grand children enters the lab in search of the shoes, they get accidentally teleported to the age of Dinosaurs, is the interesting plot of this story.  How he brings them back to the present, and his series of  adventures with the mighty Dinosaurs, is being crafted nicely by the Director in such a style, contributes to the very success of this amazing movie. 

This 3D movie takes you to some million years back, where you could see the range of Dinosaurs and the mass of tiny flying objects, which will not simply scare the spectator, but entertain all in such a nice way. The Cave Man (Anantha Kannan) who is supposed to scare others, gets scared by seeing his own face in the mirror is the humorous part of this movie.  Apart from excellent treat to Kids and Adults, the amazing technology of this movie reminds the work of Hollywood genius director Steven Spielberg.

'Adisaya Ulagam' A 3D movie with excellent CG effects is extraordinarily created by a team of youngsters is the astonishing fact. Shakthi Scott the handsome youth is the one who directed this technically sound movie in vogue. Besides Direction, he also handled other areas like Music Editing, Story-Screenplay, Film Editing, Visual Effect Supervision and CGI-Cinemotography. Live Action Cinemotography is performed by the famous 3D movie 'Ambuli' Cinemotogapher  Sathish.G, is the added advantage of this film. Sound Design has been handled excellently by A.Jaffer Ali, the young talent to this industry. This shows the power of youth, and it is sure, a bright future awaits them in the near future.

This 3D movie is produced by Mrs. Banu Chitra is being released in various prominent theatres in Chennai  and other parts of Tamilnadu, gradually gaining popularity among the kids and youngsters. It further gives the feel of being in a world of  mighty Dinosaurs which is the very success of this complete CGI technology oriented 3D movie.
                                                                                       A 3D Movie Review by Ayubkhan.U

The Magic spell of the Beautiful Names

Names are the integral part of our life. How elated we will be, if someone calls us by our name, aren’t we? Calling some one by name gives a sort of personal touch and makes the relationship stronger. There are millions of names used by the people around the globe. If we prepare a name list, it will be the longest list in the world. Names convey religious meanings as well as other meanings like flowers, colors, family trade etc.

The scientific innovations gave alternatives for various machines and products that are currently in usage, yet there is absolutely no alternative for names of men and women as it continues from the very beginning of the world.

It is the aspirations of all parents to choose the best name for their new born babies. Every one would like to have a fashionable, nice name that suit to the modern world. Hence the search for the best name becomes crucial; after all, we just have one life only, isn’t it?

Rest assured, there are websites coming with various names grouped as a name list to help facilitate the needy, in order to select the appropriate name with out much confusion. This is really a great idea, thanks to those who invented such websites.

Friendship, Love and Flirtation-A Review on

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'Ha Ha Ha!'- What a fun in life

 His 'Love at first sight' lasted a night!

He Loved her, she loved his wallet!

Honesty is the best policy, with out premium! 

His story begins with 'There is a car from every direction'!

He read 'It is my soul that calls up on my name-and my bank account also'!

                                                    'Humor in uniform' by Ayubkhan.U

World Poetry Day

Today is celebrated as World Poetry Day. It is a great moment to cherish. A poet is a part of this society who expresses the ideas and feelings by way of his or her poems daringly. Poetry is a great tool to express one's ideas and views in a most acceptable way. 

Generally poets are nature lovers and the one who sees the world as it is and like the same even it tends to harm them. To love and be loved is the unique quality of any poet.  Oscar Wilde the great author says 'When critics disagree, artist in his own accord'. It is a truthful wording applicable to the Poets, who are not affected by any harmful comments.

It is advisable to give some message to the society by way of poems since it is a very powerful medium which reaches instantly. Certainly we can give more ideas and solutions by way of easy to understand poems, in this way, it even reaches the common man.

I have written not only poems, even Stories, Articles and Reviews. Out of experience or from the point of view of my readers, what I understood is Poetry is the only effective medium that reaches the people quickly. We can always write good humored and witty poems conveying great messages to all people.

I give below the details of some of my poems which got more acceptance among the readers. I think while reading this article you may take of note of this and explore the possibility of reading in the respective blogs.

Poem:  To Rise Above

Poem: Citizens Makes the Country

Poem: To the Friend unknown

Poem: Friendship vs. Love

Poem: In Vogue-A Poem on Fashion

Poem: Life's Philosophy

The above poems are the best examples of how the points are  reaching among the readers effectively.

I thank my friends who supported me by way of their valuable comments and look forward to receive such motivating comments in the near future also. 

Friendship vs. Love

Love, what a sweet word to pronounce!
Does it really worthier than friendship?
One may often consider love as precious.
Tell me; is there any love without friendship?

As the Clouds having good terms with the Sky
And the Moon having close contact with the Stars
One can always be in friendly terms
If one believes its value, deep inside the heart.

Love prospers when friendship is alive
The value of friendship is only proven by time
Even one is tested by fate, friendship helps
Friendship always helps blooming the love.

Believe in true friendship, love becomes true
Believe in the best, as the best is always simple
Believe in honesty, it happens to be the best policy
Believe in yourself, believe your intuition.

Good thing in life blooms out of true love
Love and compassion are the twins of goodness
True love faces any challenge, whatever it may be.
Friendship strengthens love, be true to your heart

                                                  A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Xing Tom-Adventure at Travel

Xing Tom-The Adventure Boy’s Adventure

Xing Tom woke up in the morning by the alarm sound piercing his ear. At first the bell rang in his dreams and slowly and steadily increased and brought him to real life. ‘O God! This alarm sound spoiled my pleasant ‘travel’ dream’ he murmured with irritation. He got up from his bed lazily and went straight to the kitchen, poured some water and drank. As the sleep vanished and felt alert, he took his paste and brush, headed straight to the bathroom and locked himself.

‘Is it true Dad?’ Xing Tom just jumped with astonishment when his Dad delivered that pleasant message. It’s about the proposed family trip to India in a couple of days. ‘What a pleasant surprise, my dream about travel has come true!’ cried Xing Tom with excitement. Suddenly Xing Tom’s adventurous mind started thinking about the anticipated danger in the foreign land and started devising a plan to counter the same.

It was a Monday morning. The sun shone in a fierce stride yet it was warmer to Xing Tom. While getting down from the Boeing staircase, he just stopped and looked at the sunny sky of Chennai airport with interest. After the delightful journey and after having eaten lot of chocolates at the flight, he was so happy and contented about his travel. Accompanied by his Dad, Mum and Sara, his 15 years old sister, got inside the bus waiting to transport them to the main entrance of the airport.

On Wednesday, inside that ‘ancient’ house, near the glass window, Xing Tom was seriously looking at the scenic beauty of Ooty, the hill station of South India. He viewed that entire town with joy. It was early morning, the climate was little cold. Xing Tom just went outside the house for a stroll and enjoyed the cool breeze around. The grass covered the ground like a green carpet which was so soft to walk. After walking for a short distance, Xing Tom sat at the wet green grass for a while. At a closer look, he found the dry yellow grass in between the dense green grass which looked like finding grey hair in between the black hair on the head of men. A small blue color bird with a short tail landed besides him making a different sound. At a distance the entire town showcased the walking people and moving cars like toys moving around. For Xing Tom, life suddenly became more beautiful and lively.

The horn sound of the bus reminded Xing Tom about the proposed trip to see the places near Ooty. He suddenly realized that he needs to take certain ‘weapon’ and broken toys which he brought from home town to face the probable adventurous situation while traveling.

The Minibus was packed with fifteen persons. There were five young couples, along with Xing Tom, Sara, Dad and Mum. There was one and the only odd man was with them. He was tall and black covering his face with a hand kerchief which gave a frightening look to Xing Tom. He was the only single person who traveled in the bus that made Xing Tom, the ‘adventure boy’ to think deep. Though he was afraid about the grotesque look of the odd man, Xing Tom with a build up braveness on his face tried to look majestic outwardly.

The bus stopped with a jolt and suddenly Xing Tom woke up from his catnap and looked at the window side. The ‘guide cum driver’ turned towards the passenger side. ‘Hello everybody, now we have reached a place by name ‘Sixth mile and pine forest’. The bus will stop here for half an hour’ he announced.

Xing Tom got down from the bus. The sun shone yet the climate was warm, such a lovely place, he thought. What a spectacular view, long meadows with green grass one side and Pine trees on the other side.  ‘Todas the native people are residing in this place and there is a school for their children around’ the guide explained. ‘It is really a place to remember and cherish’ Xing Tom whispered.

Exactly at half past eleven, they all reached a place called ‘Ninth Mile’. Leaning towards Xing Tom the driver told some thing in his ear and suddenly his face became bright like a halogen lamp. Yes, the driver told that the place is famous for Movie shooting as such Film Stars used to visit more frequently. Xing Tom was much inspired because he liked Movies and Movie Stars as more adventures happen in Movies and more Heroes are born from Movies.

From the road side Xing Tom looked at the place which sounded like a half ball with green grasses. The people in groups started moving towards the upper part and so Xing Tom and his family. Xing Tom noticed that the 'odd man out' was standing alone hiding his face with a black color hand kerchief. Xing Tom checked whether his Toy gun is intact. He also carried the black pepper dust neatly packed in his hand kerchief to counter any eventualities. 'This could be a place for adventure' he told himself.

They all reached the upper part of the place, Xing Tom standing at the top viewed some pine trees and bushes at the other side. From that place, the grass covered earth going downward where he could see a nice cute house at a distance and the trails of foot steps leading towards the house. The long view showed a small garden with nice fencing around. Behind that there was a small mountain. ‘Its awesome, sounds like heaven’ Xing Tom jumped with joy.

The odd man who also came to the top saw Sara, Xing Tom’s sister standing there. He just removed the kerchief from his face which showed the scar at his cheek. He went close to Sara and looked at her. ‘Hi I’m Lawrence, may I know your name’ he asked politely. ‘I am Sara’ she replied mechanically. ‘How on earth you have come alone?’ she asked him inquisitively. ‘I am studying botany and would love to do research on it’ he spoke in a soft voice. He had put his right hand inside his pant pocket and took a bunch of locally made chocolates and offered to Sara.  She looked at the odd man, took one but was hesitant to eat. Her mother used to say not to eat the chocolates offered by strangers, when Sara was a baby.  ‘We are friends, just eat the chocolate to confirm our friendship’ the odd man told her in a louder voice. Now she in a fix, as such she started eating the chocolate hesitantly.

Xing Tom standing at a distance suddenly noticed both of them. ‘O God, don’t eat the chocolate for heavens sake’ he shouted. Not able to listen his shout, Sara put the chocolate inside her mouth and started feeling its taste. Xing Tom who sprang into action started running very fast, within a minute he went close to that odd man. Immediately he threw the pepper dust in the eyes of the odd man who started screaming in agony. This sudden chaos and noise drew the scattered crowd in one place and every one started inquiring Sara as any thing happened to her. She was so cool and declared that nothing happened to her.

The local Police came in a while and found the odd man was innocent and did no harm to Sara. The crowd appreciated Xing Tom’s alertness, though the odd man has not committed any crime. Deeply disturbed by this incidence, the odd man caught another bus and went away. ‘Of course, Xing Tom is a role model for this act of adventure’ one of the old man from the crowd appreciated him loudly.

Xing Tom was slightly sad as his mission to perform the adventure failed this time. Yet his braveness never vanished as he was sure enough to prove his adventurous act in the near future.

Story:           U.Ayub Khan
Illustration:  Irshath Mohammed.A , Age 9 Years, Studying IV Std.