Adisaya Ulagam-A 3D Movie Review

Neelaganda Gnanasekara Narasimha Narayana Murthy (Actor Livingston), the amateur scientist, experiments to teleport the object to the future, is the main theme of this movie. Though not recognized by his own kith and kin, his passion drives him to make series of inventions, through his sophisticate lab at home, supported by his talking dog Billy. When his mission of  teleporting  apple becomes a failure, he tries again with a pair of (his grand daughter's) shoes to teleport. When Varsha and Vikas, his grand children enters the lab in search of the shoes, they get accidentally teleported to the age of Dinosaurs, is the interesting plot of this story.  How he brings them back to the present, and his series of  adventures with the mighty Dinosaurs, is being crafted nicely by the Director in such a style, contributes to the very success of this amazing movie. 

This 3D movie takes you to some million years back, where you could see the range of Dinosaurs and the mass of tiny flying objects, which will not simply scare the spectator, but entertain all in such a nice way. The Cave Man (Anantha Kannan) who is supposed to scare others, gets scared by seeing his own face in the mirror is the humorous part of this movie.  Apart from excellent treat to Kids and Adults, the amazing technology of this movie reminds the work of Hollywood genius director Steven Spielberg.

'Adisaya Ulagam' A 3D movie with excellent CG effects is extraordinarily created by a team of youngsters is the astonishing fact. Shakthi Scott the handsome youth is the one who directed this technically sound movie in vogue. Besides Direction, he also handled other areas like Music Editing, Story-Screenplay, Film Editing, Visual Effect Supervision and CGI-Cinemotography. Live Action Cinemotography is performed by the famous 3D movie 'Ambuli' Cinemotogapher  Sathish.G, is the added advantage of this film. Sound Design has been handled excellently by A.Jaffer Ali, the young talent to this industry. This shows the power of youth, and it is sure, a bright future awaits them in the near future.

This 3D movie is produced by Mrs. Banu Chitra is being released in various prominent theatres in Chennai  and other parts of Tamilnadu, gradually gaining popularity among the kids and youngsters. It further gives the feel of being in a world of  mighty Dinosaurs which is the very success of this complete CGI technology oriented 3D movie.
                                                                                       A 3D Movie Review by Ayubkhan.U

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Very nice review on the movie....wish it gets released in telugu..