It's Green Everywhere

Amidst the thought of dull outer view,
Drawing plain and blank, reveals nothing.
The inner view of the park is so splendid,
Just because it’s green everywhere!

The park surrounded by kids,
Small and big, jubilant and lively!
There’s music around us,
Drawing the attention of every heart indeed.

The already grown trees and the
Well growing plants
Join hands to welcome its inmates
With sheer vividness, that leads to happiness!

The fragrance of certain flowers,
Proving life wonderful
And to make us understand that
All the wonders dwell deep inside our heart.

The heart the one longing for true love,
And the other longing for true friendship
Remains so strong in their belief,
Of humanity the very foundation of all emotions.

These tall trees might be having stories,
Most interesting, most horrid, to share with.
Being tired of seeing treacherous people,
Relieves them to witness one pure soul!

                                                       A Poem by Ayubkhan.U