The Journey of SATTAR GROUP-50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebration                   

As the world evolves, the journey begins. Yes, evolution has brought so many changes in human life. In the ancient times, the sand clock was used to measure the time. As the years go by, technology has replaced sand clock to digital clock which measures the time accurately. In those days, when the paper was not invented, people were writing on sand. Civilization of the people and the out burst of technology changed the peoples’ habit of writing on sand to clicking at the mouse. This made the communication tremendous.

Modern civilization has changed the habits of people. The change in the eating habit, way of dressing, dwelling place, mode of transportation etc. are some of the best examples for the same.

‘East or west home is the best’ is the well known old adage. People never want to compromise in shelter, they need a nice dwelling place to relax and unwind. It is every one’s dream to keep the house neat. Thanks to the latest technology, there is an organization, unique in nature, made it possible. Over five decades of service they are able to get 500 satisfied customers. With the strong infrastructure of four beautiful showrooms which is again big in size and having 250 trained employees to render efficient services, this was made possible. Their service continues for the past three generations.

When Shakespeare, the genius dramatist, talked about ‘the quality of mercy’ he says ‘It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.’ Similarly the idea of a visionary, who helped the common public gently, with much grace in his action, procured unique bathroom and sanitary wares to fulfill their quest.

The year 1960, was the best of the period as the growth evolution took place in sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. In 1960, one man’s vision made him to think different.

Abdul Sattar Khan, the founder of Sattar Group in 1960,  imagined well about the future development and growth possibilities, in those days itself.

Mr.Abdul Raheem Khan the son of Mr. Abdul Sattar Khan followed the path in vogue, with a view to attain the refinement in his chosen business.
As infrastructure is the foundation, he started opening elite showrooms one by one.

 He opened M/s.Southern Enterprises , the showroom at Kilpauk in 1989, with a vast display of Sanitary wares and bathroom fittings. It was the first air conditioned showroom for sanitary ware and bathroom fitting in South India spanning 6500 sq.ft.  of beautiful display area.

The formation of Standard Sanitation in 1997, one of the finest showrooms at Adyar, added one more feather in his cap. With a vast display area of 5500 sq. ft., this showroom was considered as India’s first exclusive showroom for Parryware.

In 2001, the yet another showroom of Sattar Sanitary Stores was opened at Parrys, with the display of Tile and Sanitaryware exclusively for the customers of Parrys.   

In 2005, a new showroom of 6000 sq. ft. at Habibullah Road, T.Nagar was opened. This is the first Roca showroom in entire South India and the only ethnic showroom created in vogue.

All the showrooms and ware houses are the company’s own premises with ample car parking facility.

Sattar Group has 250 trained man power, who play a vital role when it comes to customer service. About 150 staff is being given accommodation by the company with mess facility. Further the company is having own logistics, which enable the customers to get the products at their door steps. Delivery of the product on time is the unique specialty of Sattar Group.

Various elite brands of bathroom fittings, sanitary ware, kitchen sinks and tiles are grouped under one roof, which offers wide choice to the customers in order to select the product of their need. 

The organization’s ethical business practice helps to conduct the business transaction effectively amidst tough competition.

The Group Managing Director, Mr.Abdul Raheem Khan says,

“Our vision is to set up various showrooms across Chennai for the easy accessibility of products by our customers.

Our mission is to empower the common man to get the unique sanitary ware and bathroom products at affordable price with out affecting the quality.

Our scientific approach will make this come true.”

The company is ever thankful to its valued Customers, Suppliers, Architects and Builders for their support and participation in its organization’s growth.

Now the third generation has joined hand to run the organization much more efficiently in order to provide the best possible customer service and procure unique and innovative products in bathroom fittings and sanitary wares.

Mr.Abdul Basheer Khan, the new Director of Sattar Group, is a professionally qualified youth, who has the passion to shoulder his business empire, by applying the latest techniques and ideas in fine tuning the company.

Sattar Group, standing tall with 50 years of its good service to the people in the area of bathroom fitting and sanitary wares has plans to form more beautiful showrooms across Chennai, in order to help the customers to access the products easily.  

Through the efficient services to its customers, Sattar Group bagged more number of prestigious awards from various manufacturers.

The profound journey of Sattar Group, continues with more strength and with much more confidence, in order to serve its customers now and forever.

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Dipo Dwijaya said...

I really like this line:
The company is ever thankful to its valued Customers, Suppliers, Architects and Builders for their support and participation in its organization’s growth."

Very generous.

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