Friendship vs. Love

Love, what a sweet word to pronounce!
Does it really worthier than friendship?
One may often consider love as precious.
Tell me; is there any love without friendship?

As the Clouds having good terms with the Sky
And the Moon having close contact with the Stars
One can always be in friendly terms
If one believes its value, deep inside the heart.

Love prospers when friendship is alive
The value of friendship is only proven by time
Even one is tested by fate, friendship helps
Friendship always helps blooming the love.

Believe in true friendship, love becomes true
Believe in the best, as the best is always simple
Believe in honesty, it happens to be the best policy
Believe in yourself, believe your intuition.

Good thing in life blooms out of true love
Love and compassion are the twins of goodness
True love faces any challenge, whatever it may be.
Friendship strengthens love, be true to your heart

                                                  A Poem by Ayubkhan.U