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Cityblis the Media Center plays a vital role in helping the global designers of various fashion outfits and jewelries to showcase their talent through media publicity and blog promotion. This write up is a compilation of several reviews published in the fashion blog Ayub's Fashion Fusion in order to help the readers to find all information at one place.

Señorita Martita-The Enchanting Designer Wears

This world has so much in store for Women and no wonder if we add Designer Wear to it, which makes every beautiful woman to appear more beautiful. Rest assured, here comes the most exquisite brand Señorita Martita to cater to the needs of the fashion loving women of this globe.


Briseis Couture-The Oasis of Women's Fashion

The evolution of civilization is in line with the evolution of great fashion as the influx of more and more designers around the globe started bringing positive change to fashion lovers. 

'briseis couture aims for the stars Classy & elegant, yet not old fashioned. Professional & strong, but not intimidating. Young, creative, yet not childlike. briseis couture was created with thoughts to dress a woman, who knows of who she is...' is the proclamation by the company where women's fashion is being redefined.

YoolaDesign-The Wire Crochet Jewelry World

'Welcome to YoolaDesign, an enchanting world of wire crochet jewelry designed by Yael Falk. Here you will find the perfect Jewelery for Brides and their Bridesmaids, a wonderful place to pamper yourself and your close ones.'


Your Lasting Special Moments with F.N.U.E Jewelry


F.N.U.E Jewelry is fun, flirtatious jewelry, full of flowers and gemstones. F.N.U.E is an acronym for From Now Until Eternity; handcrafted jewelry from sterling silver, vermeil and precious gemstones. The F.N.U.E collection is "Jewelry for the Heart, From the Heart", distinguished by timeless classic original pieces of art that can be passed down through the generations. Designer, Halley Barney, carves each one of her original flowers from wax to achieve the best possible texture and hand forge all of the other concepts from sterling silver. Halley's jewelry is made in NYC and has been inspired from the love of her friends and family.’


ATGAB-Breathing New Life En Vogue

Breathing new life is the very objective of ATGAB(All Things Green And Beautiful) a Singapore based company founded by Eco-Designer Elaine Pang in 2009.  ATGAB nurtures Rethinking, Re-imagining, Redesigning, Recycling through its Eco friendly and innovative fashion products.

The mission of ATGAB is to preserve the environment. 'Recycling is our business. Our vision: to have everyone we know we can play a part in saving the earth' says ATGAB. By up cycling the leather PVC material ATGAB gives a new lease of life to its products.


Vietto-Ecological Fashion Redefined

The tremendous growth in the field of Fashion nurtures harmonious living, in addition to being a symbol of civilization. With Vietto, there is not only great fashion, also render support for ecological cause through its products.'Innovative Independent Ecological Fashion' is the mesmerizing tagline of the great brand Vietto.

Annuk Creations-The World of Colorful Art

The world will sound more lovable and exciting with simple, yet interesting colorful arts.'The morality in an art consists the perfect use of an imperfect medium' is the famous quote by the great author Oscar Wilde. Anna from Annuk Creations makes this statement true through her ability to convert anything into art through her artistic approach. The inspiration came through her travel to Greece and Aegean sea, as such, all her design reflects the vibrant colors of Gold, Blue and White invariably.

Brynn Capella-The Reign of The Rainbow

Brynn Capella the young and energetic Californian Designer who made the Windy City enterprising through her vibrant bag designs and unique approach in making the same. California being the heavenly abode of every girl is also a favorite place for the enthusiastic Brynn Capella who has the dream of a true artist to give only the best.

ClubCouture-Where Fashion Meets Love

The fashion outfits often creates the tender feeling amidst the women around the globe. Love has a lasting value, as such, this very statement gives the valid reason why people tend to get the feeling of love. We are made out of what we wear. The dress differentiates us, differentiate anyone indeed. What we wear is of utmost important the way what we eat. When ClubCouture represents the love for fashion, friendship and love, there is no wonder why people wear this fabulous and exciting woman fashion outfits, isn't it?

Marco Marcu Haute Couture-The Fashion Attack

Interesting, enterprising and innovative fashion design is the essence of Marco Marcu Haute Couture, the design house  which took Germany to storms through its exciting women's fashion.The designing traits of Marco Marcu was first revealed at the Enkamania Fashion Awards in the year 1998. Attracting the hearts of many fashion lovers, that event made a turning point and ultimately made him to open his own signature design studio and retail boutique. Thereafter he has become the heart throb of millions and oft looked for designer on runways from Frankfurt, Berlin, Dubai to the astonishing  Waldorf Astoria in New York.

coll.part.- The Perfect Art

Beauty adds life. 'A thing of beauty is joy forever' is the great saying. With beauty, this world appears better and peaceful. How interesting it would be to find the beautiful products around us.
Here comes coll.part. the design house to introduce the beautiful products to the fashion loving community of this globe. The fine collection of fashionable and decorative articles combining up-cycled materials and design with ethical production is the specialty of coll.part. the organization which has the dream to give only the best. Nina Raeber the great designer who founded coll.part. in 2003 is a visionary to introduce only the best quality and beautiful products.

R.A.R Fashion-A Stylish Approach

The world appears better with the greater thoughts of fashion these days. People are conscious about their personality as such good looking has become the way of life. R.A.R fashion, the exclusive women fashion design house has so much in store. It has Grey Leather Jacket, Gold and Pattern Jumpsuit, Leopard Print Dress, which verily proclaims the great design work of R.A.R Fashion as a whole.


Laura J. Designs-The Heaven on Earth


Laura J is an emerging Philadelphia artist, distinguished in fashion magazines for her eclectic collection of fine handcrafted jewelry. With two diverse lines to chose from, Laura J. Designs is a unique collection of intricate and flawless detailed work rendered with a variety of metals and a vibrant assortment of semi-precious stones. Laura J. Designs ranges from stylish to sophisticated, antique to feminine, and is available in the Tri-state area to the discerning boutique shopper. Debuting in March 2004, Laura Jackson Weddings is a line of inspirational wedding pieces, and an exciting new addition. The wedding collection has been a hit, one look at the delicate pink pearls, crystals, twisted silk cord and romantic touches, and it’s obvious why brides and bridesmaids of many tastes find exactly what they have been looking for. Among her favorite mediums: sterling silver, copper and 14k gold laced with a diversity of stones ranging in color from ruby reds to turquoise blues. This Main Line native handcrafts every piece in her Philadelphia studio.


Kati:ga-The Love Blend for Tiny Tots


We all wish our kids to appear better especially when it comes to dressing. It's  not simply dressing well but also wearing safe and suitable outfits that really matters. Whenever we think about the outfits for kids, we also think about their health as such we wish to keep them away from harmful dresses. Here comes Kati:ga the organization that provides safe and hygienic dresses for children which is originally made out of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified).


HeartmadePrints-The Beautiful Scarf Collections


Hellen van Berkel, a young graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven is more passionate about designing beautiful scarf collections. Armed with the experience of several well known fashion houses, she began designing scarf collections for an international market. This helped her to further develop her skill of blending print pattern and texture. Also this gave her the confidence to produce her own scarf collection, as a result she launched her own label Hellen van Berkel Heartmade Prints in 2005. In addition to this, she further specialized in the creative use of textiles under the name Studio Hellen van Berkel.


The Fashion World of 72 Smalldive


There's a considerable improvement in the lifestyle of people around the globe.  Thanks to the improved civilization which leads to the invention of the fashion products these days. 72 Smalldive, the exquisite design house for woman fashion hand bags has unique products in store.

A Fashion Article by Ayubkhan.U 

Press Release-Lifestyle Galleria Inauguration

Lifestyle Galleria-A Brief Profile

A Beautiful Idea

A mighty showroom with a touch of elegance is named as Lifestyle Galleria is ready to rule Chennai with its products of superior brands.  The very idea of the Founder-Directors to create this beautiful showroom is to sell all the quality products that constitute a very beautiful house.

An elegant showroom for all the home needs enormously built in 20,000 square feet area with the construction of ground plus two storeys along with greater interior work and fully furnished style is the added attraction of this mega mall.  The floors will showcase the various superior brands of Bath fittings; Tiles etc. which makes customers’ choice easy to go for the best.

Every Beauty has a History

Lifestyle Galleria belongs to a group company which was founded by Mr.B.Rickhab Chand by name Apex Asbestos early in the year 1978. Initially he was manufacturing and selling Cement pipes by name Apex Asbestos. In those days only Cement Pipes were used since PVC pipes were not invented by then.  With hard work and dedication Mr. Rickhab Chand was able to set up a wholesale/sub-dealer net work to promote his products for the use of common public. With this, he was able to create a huge customer net work since hard work always remains the secret of every success.

The birth of Cauvery Enterprises in 1987 consolidated their position thereby identifying them as a Trading enterprise as the same consists of more products related to housing needs.  Mr.R.Uttam Chand, son of Mr.Rickhab Chand who played a vital role to bring out this yet another successful organization to make the group bigger and better. In 1997, young Pawan Kumar, who just completed his professional college then, joined the group and started building the organization to a greater strength.

Armed with more clients and sub-dealer network, it was decided by the management to change the name and hence the formation of Varsiddhi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. took place in the year 2008. The ruling of new blood in the management gave birth to new thoughts and ideas which made the unique and innovative products to house their organization.  All housing products in one roof is the main idea of the managing team of the organization as such they worked meticulously every day to make their enterprise as customer oriented.

A New Dawn bringing New Hopes

Finally they are able to make their founder’s dream come true by opening the mega showroom Lifestyle Galleria which has every housing product in style.  14th January 2013 has more good news to those who wish to beautify their house since Lifestyle Galleria has been formally inaugurated by the respective CEO’s of the brand .  In this way a wholesale/sub-dealer network has come out with the exclusive retail showroom to make their presence in retail business also by addressing the exquisite need of every customer.

Lifestyle Galleria has the best Bath fittings and Tiles to take care of the finest housing and life style needs of its clients. At present it show cases the products of major brands like NIITCO, HINDWARE, TOTO, JAQUAR, QUEO, EURO, BENELEVE, SUNHEART TILES etc and aimed to more superior brands in the near future.

The Group’s all under one roof concept triggers to bring in new products relevant to building industry.  The future products of the Group in line are Steel/Cement/Interior Materials, which makes the work of every customer easy to construct their dream house without much struggle by saving their time considerably.

An article by Ayubkhan.U

A Better Hope-A Poem

This world sounds gloomy,
And all these worldly pleasures makes me tired!
The one I thought really great has now become trivial!
There is no real value, everything has a price!
These birds are happy though,
They have to search their food everyday!
The thought of everything is replaced,
By the feeling of nothing!
I trusted you with all my heart,
Though you never bothered to trust me!
When I gave you all the powers,
You never thought I deserve any recognition!
I could have helped many, consciously 
And might have harmed few unknowingly!
Those whom I helped never remembered the same!
Those who were hurt never forgotten the same!
This life is a maze, hard to solve the riddle!
Love and affection is only in theory, a nice one to read!
The possibility of goodness drained for now!
It is just the hope that keeps me going! 

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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Creating History-A Review

Reading a novel is a pleasant experience. Especially if the same is going to be the Historical Novel, its joy is certainly going to be double indeed. With so many characters,  different countries and different era, to read the historical novel will certainly be interesting to anyone. Unfortunately these days, it is hard to find more writers in this subject as it is not easy to write any historical novel since the same needs lot of factual information and data to deal with. Rest assured, author william b.chalfant comes with his excellent historical  novels to win over the hearts of millions.

The author William B.Chalfant writes exciting novels pertaining to ancient romance and adventure. Any one interested in the said topic will find his historical novels and adventure novels most invaluable to them. The author has researched a lot with his novel in order to take the readers to an authentic ancient world. Born in Atchison, Kansas, the author has graduated from University of Maryland in BS degree with a concentration in history. He married to Ruth Chalfant and blessed with one daughter by name Julie Chalfant Capes. Currently he resides in rural Easton, Kansas.

People who love adventure, loves his historical novels greatly. 'The Young Sabellius' , 'Sabellius in Rome',  'Sabellius in Africa', 'The Heritage of the Heart', 'Queen and the Heretic' and 'Lost Memories of Eden' are some of the most sought after novel originally written by the author William B.Chalfant which has more acclaim among the readers.

His books are now available online and any one wish to order can visit his website  and order the same through the detailed web store. Further the author William B.Chalfant has an informative blog which gives more details about his various historical creations. Start now and enter the exciting world of ancient romance and adventure.