World Poetry Day

Today is celebrated as World Poetry Day. It is a great moment to cherish. A poet is a part of this society who expresses the ideas and feelings by way of his or her poems daringly. Poetry is a great tool to express one's ideas and views in a most acceptable way. 

Generally poets are nature lovers and the one who sees the world as it is and like the same even it tends to harm them. To love and be loved is the unique quality of any poet.  Oscar Wilde the great author says 'When critics disagree, artist in his own accord'. It is a truthful wording applicable to the Poets, who are not affected by any harmful comments.

It is advisable to give some message to the society by way of poems since it is a very powerful medium which reaches instantly. Certainly we can give more ideas and solutions by way of easy to understand poems, in this way, it even reaches the common man.

I have written not only poems, even Stories, Articles and Reviews. Out of experience or from the point of view of my readers, what I understood is Poetry is the only effective medium that reaches the people quickly. We can always write good humored and witty poems conveying great messages to all people.

I give below the details of some of my poems which got more acceptance among the readers. I think while reading this article you may take of note of this and explore the possibility of reading in the respective blogs.

Poem:  To Rise Above

Poem: Citizens Makes the Country

Poem: To the Friend unknown

Poem: Friendship vs. Love

Poem: In Vogue-A Poem on Fashion

Poem: Life's Philosophy

The above poems are the best examples of how the points are  reaching among the readers effectively.

I thank my friends who supported me by way of their valuable comments and look forward to receive such motivating comments in the near future also. 


names in lights said...

Ayub, this is great food for thought. you have made me think about poetry a little differently today; thank you, it's a beautifully written piece.

Admin said...

nice Poems indeed, well written article!

Matt Harvath said...

Nice Poems!! You have a great blog!

zatanic said...


ooyinet said...

First, I just wanted to say Greetings ...

After reading this article, I am interested in your opinion about several things:
A. Poetry is a great tool for expressing ideas and views in the most acceptable;

2. Generally, the poet was a lover of nature and people who see the world as it is;

3. Poetry is the only effective media to reach people quickly;

Mr.Ayubkhan ...
You have great response to a good social life. This is very fundamental to all. That the profound meaning of human life is not in material achievement, but how science can be useful for many people.

Mr.Ayubkhan ...
You are an honest man. Keep writing for many people. Congratulations "poetry" for the life of a better world. :)


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Arumugam Easwar said...

A poem has the power of healing a wounded-heart. It can show a way through or it can give you a shield to hide behind. It can turn the light back on in a place you thought was permanently disconnected. It can be a talisman to be worn in the head for warding off miseries.