This Brightness Could Continue

At the dark side of my mind

I could see nothing but darkness.

There’s no color to cherish,

It remains colorless and empty.

Perhaps the jubilant sun might bring

Brightness to the whole world;

Not to the kingdom of my mind.

As darkness makes silence to reign.

This darkness is within me and around me,

Acting so cruel, bringing certain killer instincts.

Yet at the corner of my heart there is a spark,

A tiny one: yet more powerful.

This tiny spark could soon become a flame

The one to light up and brighten my mind.

Now there must be hope for sure.

This human mind could revive for better.

The sounds of insects chirrups and birds singing

Excites and enthralls me, thanks to the light!

This brightness could continue, I am hopeful

This whole world is driven by hope, and so I am!

                                                    A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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