Creating History-A Review

Reading a novel is a pleasant experience. Especially if the same is going to be the Historical Novel, its joy is certainly going to be double indeed. With so many characters,  different countries and different era, to read the historical novel will certainly be interesting to anyone. Unfortunately these days, it is hard to find more writers in this subject as it is not easy to write any historical novel since the same needs lot of factual information and data to deal with. Rest assured, author william b.chalfant comes with his excellent historical  novels to win over the hearts of millions.

The author William B.Chalfant writes exciting novels pertaining to ancient romance and adventure. Any one interested in the said topic will find his historical novels and adventure novels most invaluable to them. The author has researched a lot with his novel in order to take the readers to an authentic ancient world. Born in Atchison, Kansas, the author has graduated from University of Maryland in BS degree with a concentration in history. He married to Ruth Chalfant and blessed with one daughter by name Julie Chalfant Capes. Currently he resides in rural Easton, Kansas.

People who love adventure, loves his historical novels greatly. 'The Young Sabellius' , 'Sabellius in Rome',  'Sabellius in Africa', 'The Heritage of the Heart', 'Queen and the Heretic' and 'Lost Memories of Eden' are some of the most sought after novel originally written by the author William B.Chalfant which has more acclaim among the readers.

His books are now available online and any one wish to order can visit his website  and order the same through the detailed web store. Further the author William B.Chalfant has an informative blog which gives more details about his various historical creations. Start now and enter the exciting world of ancient romance and adventure.

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