Introducing the multi talent-Reggae Pop sensation Toi

From the Caribbean Islands to the World, Reggae Sensation Toi Delivers “Di Motto”

 19 year old Reggae Pop sensation Toi, is a multi-talented young artist with strong singing abilities and loads of endearing personality. As she continues to build a fan base and turn the heads of big industry names, Toi has joined forces with Jus Eazy Productions based in Kingston, Jamaica, to release a brand new single, "Di Motto!". This release marks yet another exciting moment in the career of the rising superstar who suggests that, "the best way to win the hearts of your fans is to creatively write and perform original and enjoyable songs".

 Having worked with an array of world-beating musical talent, the coming together of Toi and Jus Eazy Productions is something really special. From the Caribbean islands, to the World, what Toi does can have a truly global appeal; there are no culture barriers. It comes with no surprise that she has quickly grown to become one of Jamaica's most promising vocal artists; generating a massive following of over 50,000 Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter followers.

 "I'm absolutely psyched to be able to continue delivering good music", says Toi. "It’s a wonderful feeling when you're surrounded by positive feedback from your fans, friends and family who truly enjoy it. This has always been the source of my strength."

Whilst she is very proud of her dancehall reggae background, she has tailored her art to have wide-reaching appeal as listeners can immediately sing along to the ear pleasing and catchy choruses. With powerful driving vocals, the singer is ready to bring her unique brand of entertainment to continuously expanding audiences, let's hope they are ready!

Check Out “Di Motto” Official Lyric Video -
 Media Contact & Bookings:
Marlon Gichie
Artist Management


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